TV Scoop Awards 2016: Vote for the Most Heartbreaking TV Goodbye and Cancellation Now!.

Posted in hombres-news | June 2016

It’s so haaaaard to say gooodbyyyyye, and yet every TV season, it must be done. 

This season seemed to be particularly brutal, thanks to way too many deaths and way too many cancellations that we just weren’t ready for. Basically, if there were an award show for TV shows and fictional characters, the In Memoriam segment would never end. 

Last year, Forever was the show that would be missed the most (and we do indeed still miss it), and but this year there’s a whole new crop of shows we’re already mourning. 

As for the heartbreaking goodbye, it was a tight race between Grey’s Anatomy’s Meredith pulling the plug on McDreamy and Delena dancing in the moonlight on The Vampire Diaries. In the end, Delena was the winner, and now it’s your turn to vote to see whose goodbye ripped you apart the most this year. 

You can start voting now, and vote as many times as you want until voting for all polls closes on Monday, July 4 at 5 p.m. PT. We’ll only be counting the votes made in the official poll, but be sure to rally support for your show with the hashtag #TVScoopAwards. 

(And this time, maybe we even managed to spell everything right!)

Happy voting!

Don’t forget to vote in the other polls that are already open:

Drama and Comedy 
Drama Actor and Actress
Comedy Actor and Actress
Best Couple and Sexiest/Steamiest Moment 
Best Breakout Stars
Best Reality/Talk Show and Star

The next round, featuring the categories of Best Fight and Best Kiss will begin on Sunday, June 26 at 12 p.m. PT. 

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