Travel Activity Increases in Cuba Following News of Castro's Death.

Posted in travel | November 2016

photo courtesy Lex Kravetsky Flickr 


At the moment we are still unsure of the future for U.S. citizens traveling to Cuba since the recent passing of Fidel Castro, but since the news, there has been a spike in travel to the area.

According to The Telegraph, “the sudden surge in visitor numbers has led to more bookings at “casas particulares” (private homes). Airbnb has reported increased activity in Cuba. While hotel occupancy remains “stable,” it’s still being advised to book your trip early. 

Cuba as a destination has increased in ways many haven’t seen before. “Cuba has never been so popular a destination – and that looks set to continue following the passing of Castro as the country changes at an ever increased pace,” said Jonathan Goldsmith, Latin America specialist at Audley Travel.

The death of Castro is looking like an increase in tourism for Cuba. The city of Havana is prepared however — they just plan to open a Delta Air Lines ticket office on December 1st. 

Cuba’s Recent Bloom in Visitors

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