Put Your Tradecraft Skills to Work at This London Bar.

Posted in travel | March 2017

PHOTO: New London bar targets your inner spy. (Photo courtesy of Thinkstock)

A new pop-up bar in London is making patrons work for their drinks. The Bletchley will require visitors to put their best detective skills to the test and will only serve drinks to guests if they are able to crack the codes, says an article in the Metro

“Wannabe detectives will receive an agent name once they turn up at the underground bunker, based in Chelsea, London,” writes Sophie Murray-Morris. 

Each cocktail is unique and is served once the guest uses a World War II-era cipher machine and puzzles to reveal their drink to the bartender. Of course, the transmission to the mixologist is rendered via radio. 

“Mixologists will work out your ideal drink based on your personality, tastes and desires. These traits are then translated into a very fancy cocktail,” says Murray-Morris. 

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You might want to get in on the game now — before you visit. Reports estimate that there are already 7,000 people on the list to get in. 

For more on this new drink-service technique, read on here.

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