Looking for Adventure? Try San Luis Obispo on for Size..

Posted in travel | March 2017

PHOTO: San Luis Obispo is lauded for its open spaces. (Photo via Flickr/Joyce cory)

Hiking, biking, wine-tasting and craggy California coastline views? Yes, that’s all in and around San Luis Obispo. If you are looking to upgrade your Instagram feed and get an adrenaline rush too, you may want to head to this gorgeous California county, recommends Matador Network

“Rugged shorelines, rolling vineyards, a legitimate castle, trails, trails and more trails — it’s practically bragging just stating the facts,” writes Chris O’Neal. 

For one, he says, the hiking is endless. 

“Do you put on your hiking boots for a trek through the Irish Hills Natural Reserve and its eight miles of looping trails, or trek to the top of the South Hills Open Space near downtown to watch the sunrise over the city? Or do you go all out and climb Cerro San Luis (aka Madonna Mountain), just west of downtown?” asks O’Neal. 

The choice is yours. 

Then, there’s the mountain biking. For somewhere truly unique, try the Poly Canyon Loop. 

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“To the north of the city is the Poly Canyon Loop, a 7.1-mile trail through rolling hills. Here, you’ll pedal past the “Architectural Graveyard,” where hobbit-like projects from California Polytechnic University architecture students from days-gone-by still stand today,” says O’Neal. 

There’s even a budding culinary culture. 

“Spending all day on the trails is good and all, but it also works up an appetite. Head into town on a Thursday evening and you’ll be met with a massive reward: From 6 to 9, Higuera Street becomes a pedestrian market, with more than 120 vendors selling locally grown and sourced fresh fruit, veggies, artisanal bread, honey and other products,” says O’Neal. 

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