Enjoy the Blooms in Spring on a Nature Walk in the UK.

Posted in travel | March 2017

PHOTO: Hike to the stunning Durdle Door beach in Dorset. (Photo via Flickr/Kosala Bandara)

If you are heading to the UK this spring, you might want to take advantage of warmer weather and longer days and get up close to nature. As the countryside bursts in blooms, these country walks, curated by the Guardian, have been selected by some of Britain’s top nature writers. 

Start with Eggardon Hill in Dorset. 

“This is Thomas Hardy’s Dorset – a folded, green landscape of wooded coombes flooded with bluebells, contrasting with the high, chalk ramparts of Eggardon Hill. It’s an evocative place, where the sound of the wind thrumming over grass mixes with endless lark song,” says Sara Hudston, Guardian country diarist.

It’s five miles in length and takes about two hours. 

Also in Dorset is the gorgeous Durdle Door beach, accessible on the Chaldon Herring to Durdle Door walk. 

“The scenery changes dramatically as the path breasts the clifftops, with the Dorset coastline curving away. Portland floats on the horizon like some fairy isle, seemingly disconnected from the mainland,” says Hudston.

This is seven miles and takes approximately seven-and-a-half hours.

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In Sussex Weald, stroll to Blackboys, on a seven-mile jaunt that takes approximately two-and-a-half hours. 

“Try walking up the crooked valley that leads past the remote farmhouse at Chydyok and to the cliffs. It is a landscape haunted by the past: dotted with prehistoric barrows, earthworks and evidence of “Celtic” field systems,” writes Hudston.

For more recommendations on the perfect spring strolls, read on here.

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