American Airlines Has A Huge Allergy Problem With Its New Uniforms.

Posted in travel | December 2016

PHOTO: American Airlines has an issue with its new uniforms, and it’s not the look. (Photo courtesy Instagram/American Airlines)


American Airlines is proving that while looks might not necessarily kill, they may very well cause a severe allergic reaction.

USA Today reports the airline’s roll out of fancy new duds for its staff may be causing an outbreak of allergies across the fleet.

As noted, September brought snazzy new uniforms across the airline, which look absolutely wonderful. However, it’s perhaps the kind of stuff that you can’t see that may be causing one enormous headache for the airline and those mandated to don the look.

The report notes that whispers of the uniforms causing rashes surfaced within weeks of the uniform unveiling.

However, reports now signal a rather serious issue with the sartorial change. The report points to a statement from the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA), which highlights something that may just garner a fleet wide recall in the future.

The statement reads: “Since August, we have received over 1,600 Flight Attendant reports of suspected uniform reactions that include headaches, rashes, hives, burning skin and eye irritation, itching, and respiratory problems—to name a few. The growing number of reports of suspected reactions, triggered by both direct and indirect contact with the uniform, has prompted APFA to ask that all uniforms be recalled until further joint testing with the Company can be completed.”

To put that into perspective, TravelPulse reported back in September that about 80,000 employees would soon enjoy some aspect of a uniform change.

The organization states that the airline has indeed helped investigate the matter but has not as yet seen fit to follow through with the only remedy the APFA feels is necessary.

The statement continues with the following, issuing a plea for a full recall: “While the Company has reaffirmed its commitment to continue joint testing with APFA to determine what is causing these conditions, it has stopped short of a full recall. We feel a remedy that excludes a full recall of the uniform fails to adequately protect our members. To that end, APFA will continue to explore all legal options and consult with additional experts in the field to better understand the results of our ongoing independent testing as well as joint testing moving forward.”

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American, for its part, doesn’t seem in a hurry to axe what was initially a welcomed change to its staff’s look.

The Dallas Morning News and Star-Telegram are cited in regards to comments from the airline’s Ron DeFeo who is the airline’s spokesperson. The Dallas Morning News reports that DeFeo proclaimed that the uniforms, manufactured by Twin Hill, would not be recalled at the moment.

That isn’t to say the airline hasn’t attempted to address the issue. DeFeo also spoke with the Star-Telegram, which explains the spokesperson asserted the airline has already, “allowed about 200 flight attendants to continue wearing the old uniforms and has ordered 600 non-wool uniforms to address some of the skin reactions.”

This still leaves, presumably, hundreds of staff members with a serious reaction to what may very well be otherwise stylish uniforms. This is a reminder to be extra kind to your attendant on your next American flight. They very well may be in the kind of mood garnered from hours upon hours of itching and scratching.

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